Holiday Body Cleanse

As the holidays are approaching, I find myself thinking of ways to not get off track from my exercise regime and sort of sensible diet.

I must admit to you guys that I’ve been falling off the wagon with some poor food choices, but I’ve been backing all of that up with really intense workouts. For the first time since my health reboot, I’ve been able to complete a whole Insanity workout without falling to the ground in tears. This workout video is probably one of the hardest I’ve tried since I started working out this past summer, and yes, this workout does live up to its name.

You can check out some this infomercial below to see what it’s all about.

One thing that I have been able to maintain is my exercise regime. I’ve worked out at least once a week for the past 5 months, with the exception of the week after my trip to New orleans.

Update: Here’s a video my friend made of our New Orleans adventure: 

After a weekend of indulging on some great cajun cuisine and alcohol, I decided to try out a cleanse that has been made very popular online because of a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.  In this documentary, Joe Cross is on a mission to get rid of his medicine that is causing him to feel sick, and to lose weight in the process by only drinking vegetable and fruit juice for sixty days.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m glad someone has offered up an approach to cleanse our bodies from harmful foods.

I found this documentary so interesting during the summer, that I tried it, but failed miserable. I was so hungry at night and I couldn’t sleep at night. I’m going to give a try again for one week to see what happens, and hopefully I won’t die trying it.

One more thing I should note about my weight loss plan: even though I still indulge in some not so healthy foods, I’ve completely cut out sodas and fast food. I haven’t touched a fast food food item or had a soda in 5 whole months! Soda is perhaps the number one culprit for putting on the pounds, as it has loads of sugar, and artificial ingredients that make you gain weight.

I know it’s hard to give it up, but I think we must take drastic changes in order to cleanse our bodies.


You can watch the documentary on Hulu for free here:

You can find many recipes and plans for  your juice cleanse here:

My mother and I created this juice recipe for a beet juice:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beet Healthy Juice

  • 2 peeled beets- cut in two halves
  • 10 carrots.
  • 4 Celery sticks
  • 1 Granny Smith apple or a red apple of your choice- cut into small pieces.

Place ingredients in your juicer, and juice away!

Stir and serve cold.

You can find out all of the health benefits of beets here:

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